Birth after 1647
Birth of a sonBarthold Aquilonius
December 1664 (aged 17 years)
Birth of a daughterElisabeth Olofsdtr Aquilonia
Birth of a sonLars Olofss Aquilonius
1665 (aged 18 years)
MarriageOlof Bertelsen AquiloniusView this family
after 1665 (aged 18 years)
Birth of a daughterMargreta Aquilonia
Birth of a daughterCatharina Olofsdtr Aquilonia
Birth of a daughterAnna Olofsdtr Aquilonia
1675 (aged 28 years)
Birth of a sonSimon Aquilonius
1680 (aged 33 years)
Marriage of a childTönnes HanssonDorothea Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
July 7, 1682 (aged 35 years)
Death of a husbandOlof Bertelsen Aquilonius
March 27, 1684 (aged 37 years)
Marriage of a childNils Christophersson LondinElisabeth Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
July 28, 1685 (aged 38 years)
Marriage of a childSimon PalmMargreta AquiloniaView this family
October 8, 1689 (aged 42 years)
Marriage of a childHans Pedersson BeringCatharina Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
October 11, 1692 (aged 45 years)
Marriage of a childJohannes JacobæusCatharina Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
November 27, 1696 (aged 49 years)
Marriage of a childThure LiebmanAnna Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
September 17, 1699 (aged 52 years)
Marriage of a childJosef Johannis BolmstadiusElisabeth Olofsdtr AquiloniaView this family
December 16, 1700 (aged 53 years)
Birth of a daughterDorothea Olofsdtr Aquilonia
Burial May 14, 1707 (aged 60 years)